Linden Lab’s new virtual world Sansar opens to the public in creator Beta

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Today Linden Lab made its new virual world Sansar open to the public, yes you can go to the Sansar website right now, create an account and start exploring.

Up to today the Beta testing was only available for those people who were invited after applying for access, mostly talented and experienced builders.
They’ve been working hard and creating experiences for months.


But now anyone can sign up and join.
This is of course still a Beta, Sansar is not yet what it will one day be.
Especially if you’re used to the crazy amount of freedom and possibilities of Second Life, you may miss those options and the ability to do all those things you’ve been doing for years, at least for a while.
We’ve been spoiled!
But it is early days.

Although I was invited months ago, I could not try Sansar out because my computer is…

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The University of Western Australia in Second Life

Important venue


dreaming-under-the-trees-at-uwa-26022017_001I have been putting off writing this particular post for far too long. Even as I sit here on the virtual campus of UWA, I am feeling a strange mix of maudlin, grief and longing. This sentence clamours loudly in my mind, “The UWA presence in SL is scheduled to cease the end of July 2017.”(1) Such a little sentence with such huge ramifications.

einstein-uwa-26022017_001Back in the beginning days of my time in world, I visited university campuses. I must have visited at least 20. Time after time, I wandered campuses that were abandoned and stuck in a time warp from the moment in time they were left behind. UWA was not that. It was vibrant and changing and it was close to home. Proof that Australia was not so countrified and far behind after all.

UWA launched itself into Second Life in mid 2009 and quickly became one…

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The Builders Brewery

great sim for learning…


builders-brewery-sign01022017_001If you ever decided to join Second Life and you wanted to build things or buy things or you wanted a place to open up some boxes or learn how to take a photograph or you just wanted a nice sim filled with friendly people to sit at for awhile and you were to ask me what is the one place I would go to or the one group I would join….I would immediately, without hesitation point you in the direction of The Builder’s Brewery.

I know I have mentioned them before in posts, but I thought I should actually dedicate a WHOLE post to this group and this Sim because it is so darn WORTHY. And yes, I realise that the majority of my posts gush about the great things I find in Second Life, but honestly…it IS that great. (and if you are getting all judgey and snarky…

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Fundraising for Time Portal sim begins!

A good cause…

Time Portal

As everyone in Second Life knows; buying a new or even second hand region, investing in a pile of buildings, props and  furniture, and then grandfathering it to make sure you can keep paying the tier, costs a bundle of money.
Hundreds of real non virtual dollars.

I know there is a need for a new good historical, vintage and retro shopping sim and know that people will love the community I’ll create around it, offering visitors a diverse and photogenic location where they can hang out, enjoy a hamburger at a 1950s diner, listen to Medieval music, watch 1930s movies, dance to the music of an 17th century harpsichord, etc, etc.
They can even move in and live in a wonderful historical apartment or house.

This new community for Time Travellers will be called ‘Time Portal’.

If you want to read more about our plan, click here.

To finance this…

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Linden Lab begins inviting creators to Project Sansar this week!

more on Sansar

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Linden Lab today announced that they are going to start sending out invites to people who have applied to be part of the Creator Preview this week.

So if you’re one of the people who have filled in the application form on the Sansar website, keep an eye on your mailbox!

I don’t know about you but my bags are packed.
Regardless of how enthusiastic you may or may not be about Project Sansar, I doubt there isn’t anyone in SL today who isn’t at least a little curious to what the lindens have been creating in their laboratory.

Over 6500 people have applied for the Creator Preview and a select group of creators who’s skills best fit the current capabilities of Sansar but who, I guess, are also the kind of people who will be able to build a few impressive experiences.
After all, Project Sansar will be mostly empty…

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