An adept look at Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Virtual Ability Island, featuring in the Backchannel article Virtual Ability Island, featuring in the Backchannel article

First They Got Sick, Then They Moved Into a Virtual Utopia appeared in Backchannelon February 13th, 2017. Written by Kristen French, it’s an adept examination of Second Life, with a focus on the help the platform has brought to disabled people around the globe.

The piece starts with Kristen spending time with Fran Serenade, perhaps best known through an early segment of The Drax Files World Makers in 2013 (I covered her story a few months prior to that, as a result of seeing a story about her in the San Diego Union-Tribune). Suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, Fran has found that her involvement in second Life has generated physical world benefits for herself, and she has been – among others – the subject of studies by Tom Boellstorff, a professor of anthropology at the University of California and Donna Z…

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The Photo Game turned into an exhibition in SL: how many words is an image worth?

Glad to see that you have taken your idea to the logical next stage…

Second Sighting

The Photo Game, a post on this blog in which Boudicca Amat and I commented on each other’s pictures, has become an exhibition in SL – with new images and a twist: now visitors can share their comments, too. The exhibition opens on Friday, Feb. 17, and runs for one month at the gallery located at An Uncertain Destiny. Everyone is invited to see the pictures, read our remarks and give their own inputs.

The first Photo Game was published on Sep. 21, 2016. The idea, back then, was simple: I would choose two pictures by Boudicca on Flickr and would comment on them, and she would choose two pictures by me and do the same. With that, I hoped we could start a discussion on photograph in SL. The feedback on that post was great and Boudicca suggested we could organize an exhibition in SL with the same…

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The Builders Brewery

great sim for learning…


builders-brewery-sign01022017_001If you ever decided to join Second Life and you wanted to build things or buy things or you wanted a place to open up some boxes or learn how to take a photograph or you just wanted a nice sim filled with friendly people to sit at for awhile and you were to ask me what is the one place I would go to or the one group I would join….I would immediately, without hesitation point you in the direction of The Builder’s Brewery.

I know I have mentioned them before in posts, but I thought I should actually dedicate a WHOLE post to this group and this Sim because it is so darn WORTHY. And yes, I realise that the majority of my posts gush about the great things I find in Second Life, but honestly…it IS that great. (and if you are getting all judgey and snarky…

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