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A new gallery, dixmix gallery, opened a few days ago. Curated by dixmix Source and built by Megan Prumier, this is a welcome addition to the Second Life gallery scene. The tastefully put-together large two-story concrete space consists of three main parts; the black, white and grey galleries. Disbursed throughout are familiar statues by Mistero Hilfeng, all which are mindfully integrated into the large space. In the foyer is on display a selection  from dixmix’s private collection of older works by Ariel Brearly. (As a side note here, Ariel will be showing new photographs at Berg by Nordan Art starting January 2017, please be on the lookout for announcements.) On view in the black gallery space are new photographs by Grazia Horwitz; stunning and captivating, these images held my attention for a long time. Bravo Grazia, really well done. In the grey gallery section we find a selection of previously…

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Europe’s top court rules linking can infringe copyright if done for profit | TechCrunch

I agree with Kat’s comments most especially that copyright will go the way of privacy. But it probably won’t happen quickly enough…

A Kat and A Mouse

copyright Image Source: http://www.writinggooder.com

I was a bit surprised to read this, since most decisions these days seem to be made in the opposite direction.

However, after thinking about it for a couple of days, I’m not sure that copyright is an idea that will last in this technological day and age.

I recently read another article about how companies are trying to tie technology to your biology – think cyborg, sort of.  So if something then becomes part of ‘you’ – what happens to the copyright?

I think that perhaps copyright will go the way of privacy.  We shall see. :-/

Link to the article below:

Europe’s top court has ruled that knowingly posting links to copyrighted material can be an infringement of rights holders’ rights — even though the copyrighted material in…

Source: Europe’s top court rules linking can infringe copyright if done for profit | TechCrunch

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The photo game: Boudicca and Ricco comment on each other’s pictures

An interesting exercise… A dialogue (comments on comments) would have been a worthwhile addition of course. But simply hearing the reaction of photographers on each other’s work is always engaging. Thank you both!

Of the four pictures Caravan grabs me the most. A dreamlike, magical image. Saturated as Boudicca says. An organic feel, where all the elements are related, none intruding. A universe caught in an instant… Quite lovely 🙂

Second Sighting

Boudicca Amat is an amazing SL photographer, among other things, and I am glad that she kindly accepted my invitation to write a post in collaboration with me, aiming to discuss photography in Second Life. The idea came to my mind as I checked the comments, on Flickr, on a variety of photos taken by SLers. As always, people would generally say “wow, well done, congratulations, fantastic pic”. I love when someone says stuff like that about my photos. Still, I missed comments – including by myself – explaining why they liked this or that particular picture, or a discussion on how a certain result could be achieved.

With that in mind, I contacted Boudicca. This is the game that I suggested: I would choose two pictures by her on Flickr and would comment on them, and she would choose two pictures by me and do the same. As…

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Power to… the art of protest | Art and design | The Guardian

“In repressive states, the role of the artist is unambiguous: to assert the individual imagination, the singular power that all dictatorships fear.”

– with comments from Michael Elmgreen, Sarah Sze, Isaac Julien, & Doug Aitken

original photo taken from my flickr

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