At the planetarium, an immersive and interactive experience

Second Sighting

Planetaria have fascinated people for centuries and have become a powerful way to disseminate astronomy and learn about the universe, the Solar System and our own planet. In Second Life, among the best ones that I have found, I’d like to mention Sagan Planetarium, in Aspen.

Named after astronomer and cosmologist Carl Sagan, the planetarium features a show called Tour of the planets as its main attraction. The show is dedicated to the Solar System and brings information about the Sun, all the planets that orbit it – including the Earth – and the Kuiper Belt, where dwarf planet Pluto is located. The Tour of the planets takes a little less than 40 minutes and does not feel tiresome at all (in my opinion, of course).

What’s particularly interesting about having a planetarium in SL is the possibility to make it both immersive and interactive – and Sagan Planetarium…

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