Amona Savira

Yes, remarkable photographer in SL and RL.


I am shocked and saddened indeed to learn that Amona Savira has died. She was a wonderful photographer who took some of the finest and most original images of this sim, which I post here as a tribute. I knew her only through these pictures, and the generous comments she always made on the work of others. May she rest in peace.

somewhere in the distance

as it is and will be

I'll be heading north

furillen rooftop

furillen the volumes

landscape Furillen

Star Wars Furillen

then to darkness

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The history of the telephone in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

The Telephone MuseumThe Telephone Museum – click any image for full size

Today, the telephone – in the form of pocket-sized smartphones – is an essential part of most people’s every day life. Looking at one, it is hard to imagine how far the technology behind this means of long-distance communication has come since its birth in the 1870s.

Of course, we all know something of the history of the telephone, with names like Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Grey (if not poor Antonio Meucci) being familiar to many of us, if only as a result of our school days. But what is it’s real story? How did the early telephones work? what have been the various eras of the ‘phone?

The Telephone MuseumThe Telephone Museum

Denzel Coy brilliantly and charmingly answers these questions in Second Life through his Telephone Museum. Within it, visitors can explore the telephone’s entire history, from its beginnings…

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