Cica’s Frogs in Second Life

One of the most joyful artists in sl… go see it

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Frogs, Cica Ghost’s latest region-wide installation in Second Life opened on Sunday, February 5th. After the poignant, provocative Burning (which you can read about here), Frogs sees Cica in a lighter mood, with a little play on fairy stories – albeit with a little touch of pathos.

Across one of Cica’s familiar undulating landscapes sits a huge house. Or at least, part of a huge house. We’ll return to that in a moment.  A few trees, some a little scrawny, others tall or fat, are scattered across the landscape, some with their trunks ringed by flat circles of round stones. But these hold the attention for the first few seconds after arrival, before eyes are drawn inevitably to the frogs of the title. Given their size, they are a little hard to miss!

By default, seven of the amphibians occupy the region, sitting either individually or in little…

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The Sagan Planetarium in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Sagan PlanetariumSagan Planetarium – click any image for full size

It’s no secret that I love space exploration and astronomy – hence my Space Sunday series. Both are subjects which fit wonderfully into the niche of virtual worlds and virtual spaces, so I’m always on the look out from locations expressing either in-world. It therefore came as complete surprise to learn about the Sagan Planetarium  courtesy of a Tweet and blog post by Ricco Saenz; so much so that I had to clear all other plans for region visits and move it to the top of my list of places to visit.

The planetarium – obviously named after one of the 20th century’s greatest intellects, the late astronomer and astrophysicist Carl Sagan – is the work of Josh Nitschke and is frankly a must-see visit, whatever your level of interest in astronomy and space exploration. The visitor spaces are split…

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Artful Expressions in Second Life: Uma Sabra and KyRaLy

The show is over, but the artists are interesting…

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Artful Expressions: KrayLyArtful Expressions: KyRaLy

Open now at Artful Expressions, the boutique gallery curated by Sorcha Tyles, is the January 2017 featuring the art of Uma Sabra and KyRaLy (ElizzaLiza).  As with the opening exhibition at the gallery (see here), these are two artists perfectly suited to being displayed together, their styles complimenting one another perfectly.

Both artists focus on avatar studies, with each presenting pieces which largely – although not exclusively – focus of the face in close-up, with both opting for minimal backgrounds with their subjects. The resulting images are hauntingly evocative in tone, look and emotional content.

Artful Expressions: KrayLyArtful Expressions: KyRaLy

“I  think it is simply amazing that one can be able and can have all the freedom in the world to create digging deep into imagination,” KyRaLy says of Second Life. “It is a gift that one can see inside of things, the essence of things…”…

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