❤What’s Under Our Avatars Skin?❤Video Post – Understanding Bento — Mesh Body Addicts❤

It’s always been a bit of a mystery what is under our avatars skin. This whole Second Life existence is a bit magical don’t you think? Well this video post by Meshbody Addicts helps us …

Source: ❤What’s Under Our Avatars Skin?❤Video Post – Understanding Bento — Mesh Body Addicts❤

Sansar : some hints at options for revenue generation

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Project Sansar image via Linden Lab Project Sansar image via Linden Lab

Update, May 5th:As indicated by Pete Linden, the Lab’s Director of Communications, in the comments following this piece, the write of the the TCP project article appears to have got his wires crossed in reference to user-to-user transactions and the Lab’s revenue model for Sansar, which has in turn lead my speculations astray in the possible levels of commissions. I’ve now revised the piece to focus on the elements directly related to Ebbe’s comments on other revenue models under consideration.

One of the areas of interest with Project Sansar is how Linden Lab will generate revenue from the platform, given their intention to pivot strongly away from the and land model which has proven so constraining within Second Life.

During assorted presentations at the Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education conferences, Lab Chat sessions, and in talking to the media, Ebbe Altberg has…

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