Is a picture taken in SL a ‘photograph’?

What the Huck?


Kate Bergdorf has opened up an interesting debate on her blog about the ‘validity’ of virtual photography. Recently snubbed by an RL photographer friend when she asked him for an opinion on the images she created for her new exhibition, Le serpent qui dance (currently on display at Itakos Gallery), Kate asserts that “a photograph is a photograph whether it is taken in real or virtual worlds.” She continues, “if not, would someone please explain to me what is actually the difference?”

It’s a fascinating question, and one which I approach with no particular expertise notwithstanding an on-and-off interest in RL photography over about the last twenty-five years. I’m drawn to it in part because the RL friend I’ve most enjoyed that hobby with over this time has a number of views about photography that differ in places from my own and which have sparked some lively – and not entirely…

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