Mistero Hifeng at Astral Dreams in Second Life

Hifeng is compelling.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Mistero Hifeng at Astral Dreams Mistero Hifeng at Astral Dreams

Now open in the gardens and piazza of Astral Dreams is an open-air exhibition by Mistero Hifeng, featuring his 3D art.

Caught is the grip of a frozen winter, the garden and piazza are an excellent setting for Mistero’s evocative pieces, and he has exhibited measured care in placing his work such that it appears as a natural part of the garden, rather than being simply placed within it.

Mistero Hifeng at Astral Dreams Mistero Hifeng at Astral Dreams

Take Bruciando Ricordi (“Burning Memories” – at the top of this article) for example, as it sits within the slowly rotating cog set into the ground at the landing point. The latter is the first visible sign that Astral Dreams has a strong steampunk influence, but Bruciando Ricordi occupies the centre of the cog as if the two were intended for one another. Meanwhile, the two figures of Veglio su di…

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The Haul by Haveit Neox

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the-haul-v1THE HAUL

Hauling, on land and in the sea.
Exploring limits and bypassing any respect for them, while stringing our catch into a growing story.

Haveit Neox


Heveit Neox is a great artist , very completed,  building, machinimas & music

His work conveys softness, emotion and fantasy.
Has its own palette of colors that characterizes his work.
The treatment  is delicate and personal.
Great mastery in the choice and position of its textures that create a complex simplicity.


Film: THE HAUL –

Installation, Machinima & Music by Haveit Neox.

This exhibition consists of three heights.

Under the sea we could think, that would represent our society of consumption, elements used and discarded, eaten by time and coral, but this sea is dead.
Rising the unique survivors, the jellyfish adapting to our destruction, guarding within itself, the last human vestiges, like drifting ships …


Additional information about Haveit Neox works:
3D installation…

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