Youtuber streams visit to 1920s Berlin sim live.

Check it out 🙂

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Beau Hindman, a games writer and youtuber, recently visited the 1920s Berlin Project and decided to stream his exploration of our neighbourhood live.


It was fun to watch, Beau is very enthusiastic about Second Life and wants to show his viewers how wonderful our virtual world can be.

He has streamed visits to Second Life before (check out his playlist by clicking here) but of course when he came to Berlin us locals paid even more attention.

See him struggle with the idea of locked doors, peek through windows, bump into a few people, plan to rob our baker  and above all, enjoy himself and be impressed with our little city.


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Philosophical frenemies: Altberg and Rosedale

Sounds interesting…

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

High Fidelity - a composite promotional shot. Credit: High Fidelity (via Wired) High Fidelity – part of a composite promotional shot. Credit: High Fidelity (via Wired)

Yesterday, a Tweet from Jo Yardley pointed me to an interesting article in Wired by Rowland Manthorpe, entitled Second Life was just the beginning. Philip Rosedale is back and he’s delving into VR. It’s a lengthy, fascinating piece, arising out of a week Manthorpe spent with High Fidelity, while also taking time to poke his head around the door of Linden Lab, offering considerable food for thought – and it kept me cogitating things for a day, on-and-off.

There’s some nice little tidbits of information on both platforms scattered through the piece. For those that have tended to dismiss High Fidelity as a place of “cartoony” avatars, the images provided with the article demonstrate that High Fidelity are walking along the edge of the Uncanny valley; compare the Rosedale-like figure seen the a High Fidelity…

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art in october

If Kate says they are good, check them out…

The Bergdorf Reports


There are several exciting art installations and photography exhibits to be seen in SL for the remainder of October, some of them extending into November and December. I spent the morning teleporting around these places and taking some pics. Below is, in no particular order, some of the shows I found noteworthy. There are of course many more current exhibits on the grid, there was just not time enough to post them all here.


Monochrome by Giovanna Cerise at LEA 21 opened a few days ago and will remain open until the end of December. This is a large-scale installation that integrates the colors black, red, and white on three levels. Giovanna notes that [t]he choice of black, white and red was dictated by my passion for these colors that evoke a multitude of contrasting references, in agreement or in continuation with each other. The invitation, then, is to experience the…

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