First post


The start of a new journey certainly. I have no means of knowing what follows in terms of posting mind you. At this point I intend to post selected favourite photos of my own, as well as reblogging posts about both virtual worlds (I am an active participant in Second Life) and our physical/political world as well.

Who am I?

Well I’m in my 60s, a manager in a news publishing organization (Postmedia) which is having its struggles – but that is hardly unique within the industry in its conversion into a digital world.

I’m married, with three adult children and live in Toronto, Canada.

I’ve been a ‘keep my nose to the grindstone’ kind of guy, but I’m tiring of that.

And this blog in part is a reaction against all of that.

If you read any of this blog please feel free to engage.

cheers for now


and the featured image – well that was Tosh, a true friend, greatly missed