What are you doing the rest of your Second Life?

One of these days I’ll blog about Second Life. Suffice it to say for now that it has been very important for me.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Paper Dinosaur, 2015 Sorrow for Paper Dinosaur, 2015; image – Caledonia Skytower

By Caledonia Skytower

Last October 24th’s article in Wired by Rowland Manthorpe, entitled Second Life was just the beginning. Philip Rosedale is back and he’s delving into VRignited the usual round of reactions from fans and critics of Philip Rosedale, Ebbe Altberg, and virtual worlds in general.  Guaranteed, there would be opinions and plenty of “should-haves”, “could haves”, and speculations about machinations we may never fully understand, and to which uncertain credit can be given.  

Philip Rosedale’s particular dream of virtuality is reflected in Second Life, written as deeply as the original code, which continues thirteen years after the first pixels clicked on for the public.  As such, it seems like a democracy and the term “resident’ only reinforces that. Let’s be clear, residents in virtual worlds are not citizens in democratic societies, we are consumers.  We don’t have…

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Project Bento User Group update 32 with audio

Latest updates on Bento

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Project Bento – extending the SL avatar skeleton Project Bento – extending the SL avatar skeleton

The following notes and audio were taken from the weekly Bento User Group meeting, held on Thursday, October 27th at 13:00 SLT at the the Hippotropolis Campfire Circle. and chaired by Vir Linden. For details on the meeting agenda, please refer to the Bento User Group wiki page.

Note that this update is not intended to offer a full transcript of the meeting, nor does it present the discussion points in chronological order. Rather, it represents the core points of discussion, grouped together by subject matter were relevant / possible, whilst maintaining the overall context of the meeting.

General Project Status

Work continues on Bento bug fixes. As a result of the Bento code being available in a pre-release version of Firestorm, the number of reported issues with legacy content have increased (see BUG-40672). There are two issue in…

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Youtuber streams visit to 1920s Berlin sim live.

Check it out 🙂

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Beau Hindman, a games writer and youtuber, recently visited the 1920s Berlin Project and decided to stream his exploration of our neighbourhood live.


It was fun to watch, Beau is very enthusiastic about Second Life and wants to show his viewers how wonderful our virtual world can be.

He has streamed visits to Second Life before (check out his playlist by clicking here) but of course when he came to Berlin us locals paid even more attention.

See him struggle with the idea of locked doors, peek through windows, bump into a few people, plan to rob our baker  and above all, enjoy himself and be impressed with our little city.


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