Sansar preview 3: a broader perspective?

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

(courtesy of Linden Lab)

The third Sansar preview – and the second in a week – almost slipped by me, as I’ve been otherwise engaged in numerous things. And that would have been a shame had I missed it, as it offers a perspective on Sansar from none other than Maxwell Graf.

I’m bound to be biased here, as I’ve known Max for a long time – almost back as far as my earliest days in SL (he joined between my first and current stints in-world). However, he is worth listening to, because he knows his eggs. Max is behind one of the most well-respected content brands in SL: Rustica, he’s designed regions, work on Blue Mars and Cloud Party, has a finger on the pulse of High Fidelity and has been in Sansar from the initial phases of the current Creator Preview.

Maxwell Graf working in Sansar via keyboard…

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