Being 10 years old in Second Life: a decade of transformations

A man and his bicycle…

Second Sighting

Ricco riding his bicycle and exploring SL Ricco riding his bicycle in Sunset Village and Forest, Inspire, and exploring SL

I joined Second Life 10 years ago yesterday: on April 1st, 2007 – always as Ricco Saenz. Being 10 years old in SL means that I have seen a number of technical and cultural transformations there, and it is interesting to remember what has changed since I first rezzed on the grid. By thinking of that, it’s easier to put some things in perspective: from system hair to Bento Project, SL has never stopped evolving and even if it has lost many regions and active users – and it has – it’s still advancing. It’s not my intention to list all the transformations that residents have seen in a decade, nor to analyze them in depth – I’ll just let memory guide me and say some words about the most significant transformations that I can remember.

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