Trailer for Project Sansar revealed

What the Huck?

Hamlet Au posted this video yesterday of the media used by Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg at last week’s Collision Conference to discuss virtual reality and show off the first moving images of Second Life 2 aka Project Sansar in action. I’ve fast-forwarded to the beginning of the ‘trailer’, but once you’ve watched that, fainted, been revived with smelling salts, watched it again, fainted for a second time, been told by a doctor not to use the computer, sat for a while in a stupor, started recreating the scenes you remember from the video out of mud and clay in the middle of your living room, thrown the water dispenser through the window and run cackling to the hills then you might want to rewind to the bit immediately preceding it and watch footage of content being arranged in Sansar.

For context to some of what Ebbe describes, you might…

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