The photo game: Boudicca and Ricco comment on each other’s pictures

An interesting exercise… A dialogue (comments on comments) would have been a worthwhile addition of course. But simply hearing the reaction of photographers on each other’s work is always engaging. Thank you both!

Of the four pictures Caravan grabs me the most. A dreamlike, magical image. Saturated as Boudicca says. An organic feel, where all the elements are related, none intruding. A universe caught in an instant… Quite lovely 🙂

Second Sighting

Boudicca Amat is an amazing SL photographer, among other things, and I am glad that she kindly accepted my invitation to write a post in collaboration with me, aiming to discuss photography in Second Life. The idea came to my mind as I checked the comments, on Flickr, on a variety of photos taken by SLers. As always, people would generally say “wow, well done, congratulations, fantastic pic”. I love when someone says stuff like that about my photos. Still, I missed comments – including by myself – explaining why they liked this or that particular picture, or a discussion on how a certain result could be achieved.

With that in mind, I contacted Boudicca. This is the game that I suggested: I would choose two pictures by her on Flickr and would comment on them, and she would choose two pictures by me and do the same. As…

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