dixmix gallery

If Kate recommends it, check it out…

The Bergdorf Reports


A new gallery, dixmix gallery, opened a few days ago. Curated by dixmix Source and built by Megan Prumier, this is a welcome addition to the Second Life gallery scene. The tastefully put-together large two-story concrete space consists of three main parts; the black, white and grey galleries. Disbursed throughout are familiar statues by Mistero Hilfeng, all which are mindfully integrated into the large space. In the foyer is on display a selection  from dixmix’s private collection of older works by Ariel Brearly. (As a side note here, Ariel will be showing new photographs at Berg by Nordan Art starting January 2017, please be on the lookout for announcements.) On view in the black gallery space are new photographs by Grazia Horwitz; stunning and captivating, these images held my attention for a long time. Bravo Grazia, really well done. In the grey gallery section we find a selection of previously…

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