I see jelly people… Walking around just like regular people

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jellybabyThose of you who shie away from the official Linden Viewer and do not follow the current techie trends in SL may well be completely unaware of the jelly folk that will have started appearing with the Lab’s recent release of the official ‘Quick Graphics Viewer’ into the release channel… Coming soon to a third party viewer near you! The Lab doesn’t want us to call them jelly babies – because Bertie Bassett will sue them into oblivion if we start using that terminology – but that’s what I’m going to call them anyway, because I’m awkward!

The jelly babies are the latest in the Lab’s arsenal of attempts to wage war against the demon hordes of lag, more specifically, lag arising from graphics complexity.

Over the years we’ve seen all sorts of innovations and attempts to educate us, and content creators in particular, about practical ways in which we can…

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A man working his life out, day-by-day

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